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According to Section 4-1-5 "Impounding" in the City of Bancroft Ordinance:

1. Animals found at large or in violation of Section 4-1-2 [All dogs and cats six months or older shall be vaccinated against rabies] and 4-1-4 [Animal nuisances] of this chapter shall be seized and impounded, or, at the discretion of the City, the owner may be served a summons to appear before a proper court to answer charges made thereunder.


2. Owners of impounded animal(s), if known shall be notified within two (2) days that upon payment of impounding fees, plus cost of food and care in a reasonable amount, the animal(s) will be returned.  If the impounded animal(s) are not recovered by their owners within seven (7) days after notice, the animal(s) shall be disposed of in a humane manner as directed by the City Council or the impoundment facility.


3. Any animal found to have bitten a person or other animal shall be confined as directed by the Mayor.


4.  This section shall not apply to a law enforcement dog or horse used by the law enforcement agency, that is acting in the performance of its duties, which has bitten a person.