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Bancroft Bids Farewell to Beloved Pool Manager, Maureen "Mo" Ingalls

After years of dedication and service, Maureen "Mo" Ingalls, the heart and soul of the Bancroft Swimming Pool, is preparing to take a well-deserved retirement. Her departure leaves a void not only in the pool's schedule, but also in the hearts of countless community members who have benefitted from her tireless efforts.

For over 17 years, Mo has been the anchor of the Bancroft pool, navigating its operations with efficiency, safety, and a genuine passion for aquatic fun. Her commitment to quality went far beyond ensuring clean bathhouse and management of lifeguards, Mo fostered a welcoming environment, organizing engaging activities for both children and adults, from lively aerobics classes to serene lap swimming sessions.

Mo's impact, however, extends far beyond the pool's walls. She has been a guiding force for generations of lifeguards, instilling in them not just lifesaving skills, but also valuable lessons in responsibility, confidence, and community service. Countless Bancroft youngsters have learned to tread water and conquer their fear of the deep under Mo's watchful eye, developing a lifelong love for swimming and aquatic safety.

Here are a few messages from those that enjoyed many days in sun with Mo.

“Mo made coming to work enjoyable! She didn't see you as another body watching the water she viewed you as one of her kids! Working at the pool with her are some of my favorite summer memories. Plus all those cinnamon rolls didn't hurt either!! This retirement is well deserved and she will be missed by so many.”  Megan Mogard

“Mo was a Wonder Woman at the Bancroft pool for many years. She dedicated so much of her time to create a welcoming environment for all of the local kids and community. As a manager, there was no one more flexible and caring. For many of us, she was like a second mother on the job.”   Joe Ingalls

“Mo was an amazing boss to work for. She greeted all patrons with a smile or witty joke and made everyone feel welcome. The pool was a 2nd home to us lifeguards. From early morning cleaning, swim lessons, or aerobics, to late night middle school fun nights— she always had a pan of cinnamon rolls or bars waiting for us. I admire the way Mo was fair to all patrons and lifeguards. Everyone was held to the same standard and everyone was treated with the same respect. Looking back on those summers at the pool are some of my favorite memories and I have Mo to thank for that!” Madelyn Schiltz Aldridge


“My mom is truly the kindest person you will ever meet! She goes out of her way to help others, even if it makes things harder for her. She is hardworking and driven and has instilled those qualities in her daughters as well. She is one of those people who makes you better just by knowing her.” Sara Ingalls


“Mo and I spent a lot time together these last 10 years in the summer that she is like my second mom. When I first started lifeguarding Mo welcomed me and made me feel like part of the team and that has not changed over the years. She was so flexible and always tried to make things work for everyone. We had so many conversations about everything and anything. It wasn’t just a summer job to her- she cared so much about keeping everything clean, caring for kids and people in the community of many ages, and especially her lifeguards. Memories I have working at the pool with her are some of the best and her talking me into working at the pool was one of the best decisions I ever made!” Karissa Rasch

Mo's retirement may mark the end of an era, but her legacy will continue to ripple through the Bancroft community. The pool she nurtured stands as a testament to her dedication, a vibrant hub where laughter, joy, and a splash of community spirit mingle in the chlorine-scented air.

As Mo embarks on this new chapter, we at the Bancroft community offer our heartfelt thanks for her unwavering commitment and the positive impact she has made on countless lives. We wish her the very best in her well-deserved retirement, knowing that the echoes of her laughter and dedication will continue to resonate within the walls of the Bancroft Swimming Pool.