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What is the Keeping Bancroft Beautiful Award?

The Bancroft Community Economic Development Commission (BCEDC) has established the Yard of the Month Award to recognize Bancroft city residents who have improved or maintained their yard and whose yard has a positive aesthetic appeal.  The award is intended to inspire others to take pride in their yard and to improve the overall quality of life in Bancroft.

BCEDC members will act as judges using the general guidelines outlined below to select the winner of the yard of the month award.  The final decision will be based on evidence of the homeowner’s pride and the contribution the yard makes to Bancroft’s community appeal.


Criteria for Yard of the Month Award – June – September

  • Yard is well-groomed and maintained
  • Tasteful landscaping – Yard is attractive and pleasing to the eye (e.g., green lawn, a variety of plants such as trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, wildflowers, plants with a variety of heights, textures and colors; landscape features such as fountains, large rocks in beds, etc.).
  • Buildings, fences, porches and patios on the property are in good repair (i.e., minimal distraction from the landscape due to deterioration, damage or construction).
  • Some consideration may be given to properties that have invested extra effort through the use of attractive art pieces (e.g., pottery, ironwork), potted plants, birdhouses, patio or lawn furniture, decorative mailboxes, etc.
  • Yard is free of junked or inoperable vehicles and there are no vehicles parked on grass areas.
  • House numbers are displayed attractively.
  • Only the portion of the yard viewed from the street will be judged.
  • Good use of seasonal color.
  • Overall appearance is pleasing.

What are the rules that impact the Yard of the Month Award Program?

  • Only residential properties (including mobile homes), either owner occupied or leased, are eligible.
  • The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper.
  • The judges do not have to give an award each month.
  • The judges may also nominate yards.
  • Each yard is limited to winning the award only once in any three consecutive calendar years.

How do I nominate a yard?

You may nominate a yard by emailing the nomination form to the city office at [email protected] or by dropping off the nomination at the city office or in the drop box located at 105 E Ramsey St.  Anyone may nominate a yard, whether they live in the city or outside of city limits, but the yard must be located within city limits to qualify.

Winning yards will receive the “Yard of the Month” Keeping Bancroft Beautiful sign to display in their yard for the award period.  Winners will also receive a $20.00 Bancroft Bucks.  A picture of the yard, with the award recipient’s permission, will be placed on the City’s Facebook page and on the City’s website.  It will also be sent to the Bancroft Register.