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First Baptist Church was founded for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, the maintaining of public worship every Lord's day, the administration of the ordinances of the New Testament, the spiritual improvement of its members, ministering to its own community and the spread of the gospel in all the earth.


The First Baptist Church was organized January 16, 1888 at the home of Deacon C.W. Godard. Rev. Robert Carroll had held meetings prior to this meeting in the Methodist church.  Services were first held in the public school house and a union Sunday School in cooperation with the Presbyterians was organized and continued until all the Presbyterians had moved away and their church disbanded.  Rev. W.L. Wolfe was in charge of the services at the school, and during his pastorate the church was erected. 

The 50th anniversary of the church was held in 1938.  Interior decorating of the auditorium, laying of hardwood flooring and the lowering of the church steeple were completed for the occasion.  In 1940 the plot of ground south of the church was purchased from Ambrose Kennedy.  In 1943 a mortgage held by Esther Adolphson was burned leaving the church free of debt. In 1960 a complete remodeling of the parsonage took place.  On October 20, 1963, a weekend memorial was held for the 75th anniversary. 


"Our Church on the Corner"

Through the years it has stood the landmark,
God's haven to the sin-sick mourner,
The light of the world to humble ones,
Our little white church on the corner.

The winter blasts have rocked it,
It has shook when the storms did scorn her,
Yet it stands today as a beacon light,
Our little white church on the corner.

Gone are many who sat in the pews,
The grim Reaper's toll to warn her,
But others are there to take their place in
Our little white church on the corner.

The years will be lost in the ages,
Its site just some rocks that have borne her;
But in the Spirit will live that built it,
Our little white church on the corner.

Phone: (515) 885-2702
Address: 201 S. Portland, P.O. Box 135, Bancroft, IA