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Bancroft Ambulance Board Meetings:
1st Monday of the month at 5:30PM, at EMS room, Bancroft Health Clinic


Volunteer EMS Team:

  • Kelly Deitering (EMT)
  • Courtney Blocker (EMT)
  • Laura Arndorfer (EMT)
  • Josh Carroll (EMT)
  • Cassy Deitering (EMT)
  • Morgan Lahndorf (EMT)
  • Heather Goche (RN-Exempt)
  • Megan Heetland (RN-Exempt)
  • Rich Coleman (Driver)
  • Jeff Broesder (Driver)
  • Brett Deitering (Driver)
  • Jaimes Looft (Driver)
  • Tim Rowlet (Treasurer/Insurance Claims)




Bancroft Community Ambulance History

(Taken from "1881 Bancroft Centennial” published by the Bancroft Centennial Celebration Committee)

When the Garry Funeral Home discontinued their ambulance service in 1976 due to stringent state requirements, it was decided to seek contributions, buy a new well-equipped up-to-date ambulance and have a trained crew to answer calls for Bancroft, the surrounding communities and adjacent rural areas. 

Several fund raising projects were held and contributions were solicited.  The response was very good and an ambulance fun of over $30,000 was raised.  The Iowa Lakes Community College set up a program for an Emergency Medical Technician course to train personnel.  The course required 120 hours of class including in-hospital training and the trainees received college credit.

Need to pay a bill?

Ambulance bills and traffic fines can be paid at City Hall, or online: