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McKinnon Post, the American Legion No. 377 was named after Glen McKinnon who lost his life in World War I.  A temporary charter was issued January 23, 1920, followed by a permanent charter on September 21, 1920.


Legion Meetings are on every 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm, at City Hall.

American Legion Auxiliary

The American Legion Auxiliary, McKinnon Post 377, Department of Iowa, was organized on April 5, 1923 and included Mrs. A.H. Deitering, Veronica Murray, Amorita Murray, Clara Nemmers, Mrs. A.W. Kennedy, Mrs. L.J. Schlindwein, Mrs. A.A. Droessler, Mary Sheridan, Mrs. Bill Saunders, Mrs. E.J. Seeney, Mrs. J.A. Devine, Mrs. Mike Droessler, Mrs. H. Van Westen, Mrs. Tom Garry, and Mrs. A.C. Bailey.  Mrs. Bill Saunders was the first acting president. 

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