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Accura Healthcare is Bancroft's Retirement and Assisted Living Facility. 
"We are a Skilled Care Facility offering short and long-term care. We also offer physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Our residents enjoy the “household model”—where you decide when to get up in the morning and when and what to eat!"

546 E. Ramsey St.
Bancroft, Iowa 50517


Assisted Living Financial Information & Resources

Families looking for assisted living in Iowa have a wide array of communities to choose from, since estimated that there are more than 30,000 assisted living communities serving seniors across the U.S., and over 264 statewide. Visit: for information on financial assistance, free resources, and other adult care related questions.  

Assisted Living Today

While the costs of assisted living and the financial assistance available for low-income elders vary from state to state, there are resources available for seniors across the country. Read on here to learn about some options that can help you or your loved one pay for assisted living.  

 Medicare Plans

Medicare, like all health insurance programs, can be very complicated. In fact, we found that over 50% of seniors enrolling in Medicare during open enrollment found choosing the right plan confusing, and more than one-third of seniors did not feel prepared to choose the right plan.  Medicare Plans is a Medicare plans resource center (Note: they do not sell or provide healthcare plans), they’ve made it their mission to tackle the challenges associated with Medicare. 

Their newly updated resource on Medicare in Iowa helps guide seniors through all of the available Medicare plan options and provides a list of helpful community organizations across Iowa that can further support seniors with choosing a plan that meets their financial and medical needs.

You can view the guide here:


Paying For Senior Care

To help seniors understand Medicare plans in Iowa better, here is a resource that discusses the different parts, benefits, and eligibility as well as how to get help in Iowa. You can view the guide here: