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Let's Keep Bancroft Beautiful

Let's Keep Bancroft Beautiful: A Call to Action for Residents


Bancroft has always been admired for its neat and tidy streets, a point of pride for our community. Residents have consistently put in the effort to maintain a welcoming environment, and it's something I've personally heard praised by others. However, there's a growing concern that these high standards are slipping.

Nuisance properties are becoming a strain on our city's resources. Simple yard maintenance, like mowing and keeping debris cleared, goes a long way. Recently, improperly disposed grass clippings have clogged storm drains, leading to costly repairs for taxpayers. Additionally, a surplus of vehicles parked in yards and driveways has been a source of frustration for many residents.

A newer worry lies with overgrown backyards. Unattended piles of branches, junk, and even old cars and trailers are becoming increasingly common. This not only detracts from the beauty of our community but can also pose safety hazards. Furthermore, these cluttered areas become breeding grounds for unwanted pests.

Feral cats, mice, skunks, and possums are all on the rise in town, and junk piles provide them with ideal shelter. Remember, a healthy and beautiful community benefits everyone. By keeping our properties clean and free of clutter, we can not only maintain a beautiful community but also discourage these unwanted creatures.

The city is committed to working with residents to find solutions and resources to address these concerns. Let's work together to reclaim Bancroft's charm! By taking some simple steps, we can all contribute:

  • Maintain your yard: Regularly mow your lawn and dispose of clippings properly (not in the street!).
  • Keep your property free of clutter: Junk, debris, and abandoned vehicles detract from the neighborhood and attract pests.
  • Park considerately: Avoid blocking driveways or creating obstacles for pedestrians.

Great news! The City has organized a Clean Up Day to help with spring cleaning:

  • Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • Time: 8 am - noon
  • Location: City lot located at the corner of Grove St and North Portland
  • Important: No electronics will be accepted

By working together, we can ensure Bancroft remains a community everyone can be proud of.


Crysti Neuman, City Director