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About Bancroft

-Taken from “1881 Bancroft Centennial” published by the Bancroft Centennial Celebration Committee

Named after historian and diplomat George Bancroft, the town of Bancroft, Iowa, was first surveyed in the fall of 1881 at the direction of the Western Town Lot Co. Serving as an important agricultural and railway hub for the area, numerous merchants established operations in Bancroft in that first year, including a grocery, lumber yard, iron forge and hardware store, as well as three restaurants, the Bank of Bancroft, and a hotel, the Globe House. The importance of education to local residents, still a high priority to this day, was evident with the earliest formal schools in operation by the winter of 1881-1882.

In April 1882, D. A. Ellis started the Bancroft Register, a newspaper still in publication to this day. Soon there were three hotels serving visitors to Bancroft. A fire on December 13, 1893, the second such incident in a decade, destroyed much of the downtown area to the north of Main Street including the newspaper, thus much of the early history of the area has been lost.

By the early 1900’s four general stores, two drug stores, and two hardware stores were located in Bancroft. Early telephone service was established around 1900 and a waterworks system had been in operation since 1895. Many of the merchants and business established during this period are familiar to residents today. These include Bancroft Register; Farmers and Traders Savings Bank; Hatten Brothers; Kennedy Brothers, Department Store; P. J. Nemmers; and Welp Cement Products.

The first quarter of the twentieth century saw the established and expansion of the public services residents enjoy today. This include expansion of municipal water service throughout the growing community, extending electrical service to the town and nearby areas and the creation of a volunteer fire department.

Winter fun in BancroftIn 1939, voters approved the construction of an electrical generating plant to serve the town. Numerous expansions and additions to the plant have been made to meet growing demands of residents and customers. Today, Bancroft Municipal Electric Utility serves the residents of Bancroft, rural agricultural customers and the nearby community of Burt. Information about utility rates economic incentives and other assistance is available here.

The famed and historic Bancroft Memorial Baseball Park opened for play in 1948 on land donated by W. A. Murray, V. J. Lattimer, and the McGuire family. A $5,000 donation by the American Legion helped finance park construction. Today there is covered seating for nearly 1,000 fans who turn out to watch their favorite team play including the North Sentral Kossuth Eagles, who call the ballpark home.

Learning and a thirst for knowledge drove the establishment of the Bancroft Public Library in1961 by William Droessler and James Kennedy. The library served the community out of the Bancroft Public school before a new library building was constructed in 1969. Since its early days, the library has partnered with area schools. In the 2007-2008 school year there were over 5,000 student visits to the library.

Today, the library has a collection greater than 19,500 volumes. In 2008, there were a total of 24,480 visits by 1,492 patrons. Library patrons circulated 27,533 books, videos and other materials and nearly 5000 users accessed the libraries computers.

The Bancroft Housing Agency operates 28 low rent housing units near the Bancroft Golf Course. The complex, constructed in 1969, offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units to eligible families under guidelines established by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Anyone interested in applying for housing should contact the North Iowa Regional Housing Authority at (800) 817-1841.

The loss of area ambulance service in 1976 created a void Bancroft leaders were quick to fill. Numerous fundraisers were held and greater than $30,000 was contributed towards the effort. Soon the Bancroft Emergency Medical Service was established. Bancroft EMS now serves the area with twenty-four hour ambulance service. In 2007, the ambulance moved to its present location in the Bancroft Medical Clinic.

Today, Bancroft is a progressive leader in providing services to residents and incentives to business. The city offers tax abatement programs for homeowners and business owners a like and has a Tax Increment Financing district as a means to assist new and expanding employers. Those interested in these or other incentives should contact the city at (515) 885-2382.


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